Photography Workshop Hollywood


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Summer time is here! July 1st, 2017, join Max Thompson and his models in this rare on-location workshop exclusively in Hollywood. With unlimited space and no time restraint, this will afford everyone the time to absorb and learn all the knowledge that will be offered on top of getting amazing pictures to add to your growing portfolio.

Many topics will be explored including the following:

Building and promoting your name on social media
Utilizing natural lighting and surroundings
Contacting clients/models
Contacting/working with agencies
Directing/working with models
Finding paying photography jobs
Camera settings and functions
Cameras and lenses

There will be fashion models joining us for everyone to work with. The girls will have a variety of outfits from fully clothed to semi-nude looks

All attendees will be responsible for getting themselves to/from the workshop. It will begin roughly around 1pm. After everyone has arrived we will have the day at our disposal.

Upon reserving your spot, you will receive a confirmation email with the address.
If you have any questions that haven't been addressed feel free to message us.

We look forward to seeing everyone there! Lets shoot!